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Stockholm, Sweden - The Place to Eat if you have allergies!

Stockholm, Sweden, One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited!!

If you are planning a visit to Stockholm and you are also gluten free / dairy free - fear not, this country is very ahead on catering for allergies - I had some of the best cakes and meals i've eaten since being a diagnosed coeliac. In general, places recognise gluten and dairy allergies. There wasn't one coffee shop we visited that didn't offer soya milk, even a small corner shop on the river (in the picture) offered soya! They don't always have it up on the board menus ( I think because it's so common over there it's not considered an "extra thing") - so it's always worth asking, in addition you're not usually charged extra for it like in England! 

Hermans - Vegetarian Buffet with AMAZING views! 
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Hermans is a vegetarian buffet, it costs 175 SEK, so approx. £17.50 per person for all you can eat, including all you can drink fair trade teas selection (including chai, cinnamon, herbals etc) and coffee. They also provide soya milk here!! This can be a very busy restaurant, so is worth booking in advance. When you call you can also ask the theme of the buffet for your night - as this changes everyday.

The view from Hermans restaurant

Me enjoying the food & a chai tea!
Outside the restaurant.
Hermans is an absolute must visit in Sweden if you are a vegetarian! The food is so tasty - When you arrive you tell them your allergies and they tell you what dishes to avoid. When I was there as a gluten free, dairy free vegetarian there was only 3 dishes in the whole buffet I had to avoid!

Under Kastanjen - (Galma Stan)
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Under Kastanjen is a small, cute, coffee and sandwich shop in Galma Stan. It has its own separate gluten free kitchen!!! The cake is GORGEOUS, with a wide variety of about 5-7 different cakes, All sandwiches are available as gluten free as well as some soups. I had a delicious gluten free shrimp salad. If you are coeliac/gluten free its an absolute must just for the cakes - some of them are to die for! 
Taco Bar 
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This is a chain restaurant and there are a few round stockholm. The taco bar is perfect for a quick meal, their tacos, nachos and enchiladas are all gluten free. They're happy to assist you in what meals you can have with your allergies. They have gluten free soya mince and bean alternatives for vegetarian and you can ask for your meal not to have cheese if you're dairy free also. They're very reasonably priced for stockholm and we ended up visiting twice. P.S. The guacamole is DELISH!! 


Aveqia Cooking School -
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My mother and I visited a cooking school whilst in Stockholm, i've heard there a several different ones but we visited Aveqia. It was a brilliant evening, lots of fun and lots of wine - highly recommended. We emailed in advance about my dietary requirements so they were able to prepare. When I arrived they had everything sorted with deviations to each meal so they were suitable for me. Highly Recommended. 

First Course

Second Course

Third Course

Fourth and final course!

Mum & I in our aveqia aprons!

The dining area of Aveqia.

 First Reisen Hotel -
I stayed at the First Reisen Hotel, and prior to our arrival we emailed to pre-warn them that i was gluten free/dairy free for the breakfast buffet in the morning. On our first morning there we mentioned I was gluten free again to the main waiter, I was brought a bowl of gluten free cereal, crisp breads and bread! The buffet also had lacto free spread, soya & lactofree milk. As well as lots of gluten free foods - eggs, beans, fresh fruit etc. This hotel was really great at accommodating me and is in a great location with great views!

Other places we didn't manage to visit -
Mac Donalds - Mac Donalds provide gluten free buns for their burgers!!
Lao Wai - - A vegetarian gluten free restaurant, unfortunately we tried to book this restaurant when we arrived and we were too late - if you want to go here i'd book in advance especially over the weekend - I've read lots of good things!!

In general Stockholm is not only an amazing place to visit, it's well prepared for allergies - when looking around the city we asked many restaurants who said they provided gluten free pasta etc - The super markets also have a big range of food!
Love Ellie 

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  1. Thanks Ellie for posting on your travels to Stockholm! I am gluten/dairy free also and traveling to Europe concerns me, but you have eased some of that fear. Safe travels to you wherever you go